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Erasmus: the facts

As heads of the EU member states call for slashes to the next EU budget, fears have grown that the future of “low-hanging fruit” such as the Erasmus grant could be in jeopardy. Here is an infographic laying out a few statistics on the world’s most successful student exchange programme, from 2010-2011.

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Equal education, unequal pay

According to Jessica Wallace, the developer of this infographic, ‘Equal education, unequal pay’: “It highlight and illustrates how the unfair gender wage gap continues to be a big problem.”

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Creators of infographics, also known as data visualisations, are providing more and more interesting ways to explain complex phenomena. So often subject to misunderstanding and conjecture, the European Union budget is a clear example of where such visualisations are needed. Officially called the 2014-2020 Multi-annual Financial Framework, the EU budget is laid out by the… » read more

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SMEs and the EU Economy

This is a infographic outlining how SMEs – Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises – contribute to the European Union’s economy. A whopping 75 million people work in SMEs – that’s the population of Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Sweden, Finland and Denmark combined.  

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This is a European Commission diagram detailing the shale gas extraction process. (See today’s article on shale gas, here) Shale gas is an ‘unconventional’ fossil fuel that is found within natural fissures and fractures underground. Until recently, no method of safely transporting it to the surface existed. It is mined via hydraulic fracturing, or… » read more

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Europe’s energy animated

This is an animated visualisation of Europe’s Energy Dependency and other data. Click on the arrows on the top right to see the evolution between 1997 and 2008. You can also select other related datasets (Emissions per capita, Total emissoins, renewable share, etc.) in the “expert mode”, using the link at the top left of… » read more

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